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Re-Energize Your Faith

Just like the teacher who learns more than his/her students by preparing a lesson, your faith is re-energized each time you share your stories. You remember how God sought you out—personally and specifically. You remember when He answered prayer. You recall that He led you to the right place, at the right time, where you met the person who offered you truth, help, hope, or understanding. Thinking through, preparing, and then verbalizing your stories heightens your awareness of God’s activity.

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Saved or Searching…

Getting personal means sharing your life and your Saviour with others—Christians and seekers alike. Because I believe it’s as important to talk with Christians about what God is doing today and how the Holy Spirit helps us navigate this treacherous world, as it is to talk with people who don’t know Jesus yet. Saved or searching, we all need to be reminded of God’s interest in us individually and His love for us personally.

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How do You Respond to Life’s Tough Questions?


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