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When Little Is Big Enough

**Guest post and book giveaway from Little Women Big God author Debbie Wilson**

Have you ever thought, When I have more spiritual knowledge and experience, then I’ll boldly live my faith? The biblical story of Rahab challenges that notion.

Sometimes, those of us blessed with Bible knowledge are tempted to assess our faith by how much we know rather than by what we do with what we know. Rahab had little personal knowledge of the one true living God, but at the risk of her own life, she put every bit of what she knew into practice. God rewarded her bold faith with a place in his Son’s genealogy.

While the Bible commends Rahab for her faith, it demonstrates it was not the size of her faith but the size of her God that saved her. Faith is only as reliable as its object. Let me illustrate.

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You Are Not Alone

She tried to hide the tears by looking out the window. Her little boy played cheerfully with the toy that came with his meal. But even at two years old, he knew something wasn’t right with his mom. Using a crumpled napkin, he clumsily patted at the tears on her cheeks.

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