Gaining Perspective

It is easy to let our priorities get out of whack. Too easy!

Tell me if you can relate to this scenario: You love your family, your God and your Savior. You do. But spending time with them seems impossible. Your calendar and life are crammed from morning ’til night with things that have nothing to do with what you know deep down are most important. Your attention is scattered in a million different directions. Your responsibilities weigh heavily on your heart and shoulders. The more you do to take care of your family, the less connected you feel to them. You look around and can’t remember the last time you’ve had anything more than a few passing words at night with God before succumbing to exhaustion.

That was my life. And I know that if I’m not intentional every day, it will be my life again in a heartbeat. By intentional, I don’t mean boot-strapping my way to a simpler life or being a ruthless time manager. I mean intentionally being dependent on God and trusting Him to take care of me—of everything. And let me tell you, for someone who likes independence, dependency is a challenge!

The lie is that if we can just “get it all” done, then we’ll focus some attention on our health, relationships and faith. The truth is, we’ll never get it all done; we were never meant to! We were created to rely on God, not on ourselves. (John 15:5)

The lie is that something or someone can make us feel worthy and whole. The truth is, only God can do that.

The lie is that as soon as we have enough money, time or energy, we’ll feel complete. The truth is, we will never be satisfied until we focus our attention on the One who matters most.

I struggle to keep my actions aligned with my priorities of faith and family. But here’s what I’m learning: I need God’s perspective of eternity over urgency; otherwise I slip into my “I-can-do-it-all-myself” mode. I need His wisdom about which projects or activities I should commit my time and energy. I can find His perspective and wisdom in His Word, so that’s where my day must begin.

Reading the Bible on Kindle makes it easy to keep your place and reference your notes.

Reading the Bible on Kindle makes it easy to keep your place and reference your notes.

I know it sounds simplistic to say, “Read your Bible every day.” When you’re in the thick of a crazy-busy life, stopping for even a few minutes to read an ancient, Eastern book seems impractical, even unimportant. But that’s a lie. Nothing is more practical or important. Practical, because you will begin to understand what really matters in this life as God’s priorities become clear to you. Important because you won’t just read about history, you’ll read about His intense and unyielding love for you, and you need to hear that. We all do.

It sounds simple, because it is simple. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, maxed out, frustrated, broken or exhausted, take a daily time out. Devote 10 minutes of the time you would use to check Facebook to reading a few pages of one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John in the New Testament), or one chapter of Proverbs or Psalms in the Old Testament. Feel His love for you. Seek His wisdom and perspective, and then apply it to your life daily and see what a difference it makes.

Share your thoughts: What scriptures have you read lately that have given you a new perspective?


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