How about a cuppa?

Let’s talk. About life. About kids and marriage and careers and money . . . and faith. Let’s sit down for a cuppa (tea or coffee are my faves), and talk about things that matter. Because those are the things that connect us to each other . . . and to God.

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Meet the Author

Erin K. Casey is an author, speaker, and encourager. She and her family have served as missionaries in Ireland, which is where she discovered the importance of knowing how to share her faith story.

Erin’s career as a professional communicator began almost 20 years ago as writer and editor for the publishers of SUCCESS Magazine. In that role, she interviewed best-selling authors and A-list celebrities and wrote features on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to faith. From there, she built a business helping coaches, speakers, and leaders write and publish books. In the past few years, she and her team have helped publish 200+ books.

Her own book Get Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story draws on her story-telling experience to help you notice and share what God is doing in your life.

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